Jack Quirk

Into the Fire

On the Giant Sucking Sound

An Unambiguous Right

Widening the Needle's Eye

Bye George

Abolish Political Parties

A Grand Idea

A Dictator in the House

Martin Luther King for Kids


Catholicism, Socialism, and Expressing Ourselves Clearly

Some Thoughts on the Oregon Tragedy

Willing Pope Francis

Thoughts on Laudato si', Part 10: I'm Thinking of a Number

It's Time to Take Acton

Burying Corruption Under Layers

Thoughts on Laudato si', Part 9: From First to Third

Up in the Air

We Know That It's Wrong

Thoughts on Laudato si', Part 8: We Need a Solution to Mental Pollution

The Vice of Moderation

Thoughts on Laudato si', Part 7: We Have No Such Right

Thoughts on Laudato si', Part 6: No Market Solutions

Disagreeing to Agree

Thoughts on Laudato si', Part 5: This Is Serious Folks

Thoughts on Laudato si', Part 4: This Isn't Rational

Thoughts on Laudato si', Part 3: He Really Means It

Thoughts on Laudato si', Part 2: In Keeping With Tradition

Thoughts on Laudato si', Part 1

The Magic is in the Diversion of Attention

Seeking the Pleasant Peninsula

Of the Goring of Oxen

Crumbs from the Master's Table

It Should Go Without Saying

The Second Best Solution

Even When Casting the First Stone Seems Appropriate

An Engaging Solution

May Day! May Day!

Racing to the Bottom Across the Pacific

Lie for Me or I Won't Be Your Friend

Of Entropy and Confusion

Regardless of What You Believe

If a Free Internet Is for Us, Who Would Be Against It?

Free Race to the Bottom

Torture Logic

Taking Sides Prudentially

Who Are These People?

Who Would Jesus Incarcerate for Life?

The Reality of Catholic Social Teaching

To Have a Just War, Wage War Justly

Society as Organism

Has Atlas Stopped Shrugging?

Not All the Protection We Need

No Innovator He

What God Has Cleansed

Do You Want to Get Rid of It? Here's How You Get Rid of It

Having Made Our Bed

Crimea Considerations

In Rejection of Bedfellows

A New Troll at the Bridge

Subsidiarity Calls for Labor Unions

Pope Francis Has Spoken, and Now We Must Acton It

The Latest Circular Firing Squad

Is America Exceptional?

Let Them Not Eat

Some Clarity on the Proposed Attack on Syria

From Rerum Novarum to Dr. King

"Stand Your Ground" Isn't the Problem

A Better Alternative to the Affordable Care Act

Spies are Us

Rendering to Caesar Daily

Remembering Our Beginnings

The Masks Are Off and So Are the Gloves

No More Hurting People

The Marxian Heresy

The Pope is Catholic

The Value of Labor

War is Not a Corporal Work of Mercy

Are We Talking About Marriage or Marriage?

A Teacher of the Faith

Minimum Wage as a Living Wage

Toward a Christian Democratic Voting Bloc

Setting Priorities for Immigration

Roe and Doe for Forty Years

An Indispensible Part of Catholic Social Doctrine

The "G" Word in a Public Document

Martyrdom is No Hobby

Christian Democratic Gun Control

Rejection of a Treaty as a Bullet Dodged

The Right to Work for Much Less

What Is It?

Vote Your Conscience--All of It

What Christian Democracy Looks Like

Not Cutting the Baby in Half