The Intensifying Syrian Crisis

As of this writing, we should soon be getting news that the last ISIS stronghold in a significant Syrian population center (in this case, Aleppo) has been liberated by the Syrian Arab Army with Russian support. One would think that with all their declamations about the evils of ISIS that the mainstream liberal media and the Obama White House would be rejoicing at this major defeat of terrorist jihadism.

Author: Zyzzzzzy 
The reality is, however, that the US is using ISIS and an al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups as proxies in Syria in order to obtain ends demanded by American commercial interests, especially dominance of Middle East energy supplies. As recently leaked emails by Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chairman John Podesta make clear [1], the state department and military were well aware that close allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar were directly supplying and arming ISIS and other terrorist organizations, supporting the US aim of “regime change” in Syria.

Now that ISIS and other terrorist forces are close to defeat in Syria, the reaction of the military and State Department has become increasingly unhinged. John Kerry accused Moscow and Damascus of “war crimes” in the liberation of Aleppo, even accusing Russia and Syria of bombing a hospital, for which there is no evidence. Kerry’s accusation of war crimes is particularly grotesque given the overwhelming record of war crimes carried out by the US and its proxies since 2003, and actually going all the back to 1991; it is has been twenty-five years of continuous warfare. The 2003 invasion of Iraq has seen one million killed while the US-instigated insurgency in Syria has killed hundreds of thousands while turning millions into refugees. Then, too, we have the record in Libya and Afghanistan—and now Yemen, the latest instance of American aggression, where 10,000 have been killed in Saudi-led bombings, made possible by US intelligence and logistical support.

Author: Christiaan Triebert
Russian intelligence has recently learned of plans in the works to conduct unacknowledged cruise missile and bombing strikes against Syrian government targets. This has drawn the justifiable Russian warning that such strikes will meet with retaliation. In addition, many within the US military are calling for a no-fly zone over Syria, which US general Joseph Dunford has baldly stated will lead to war with Russia and Syria. [2]

Moreover, any strike on Syrian government forces risks also striking Russian and even Chinese forces, which often accompany the Syrians. This embattled country has become a true powder keg that threatens war between the world’s top nuclear-armed powers, and has already seen bloodshed and suffering on an apocalyptic scale.

Yet the carnage largely meets with indifference in the US or, disturbingly, with calls for war on an expanded scale. If one wonders where the anti-war movement is, one need look no further than the largely successful effort to channel any resistance and outrage behind the Democratic Party and its associated organizations and maintain support for US imperialism.

Where too is the Catholic Church, with its deep moral wisdom and divine call to be a witness to peace? This question is, to my mind, far more difficult to answer. 

Doran Hunter