August 15, 2016

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“God, Gays, and Guns”: Are Poor Whites Voting Against Their Own Best Interest?
Julia Smucker
If your first reaction to the above heading was, “huh?” then congratulations, you are sane in an insane world. Now allow me to corrupt you with an explanation. More…

A Grand Idea
Jack Quirk

The least reliable way to determine the truth of a matter is by assessing it according to one’s political predilections. Thus, when we hear of yet another police shooting, the responses can be predicted with a fair measure of accuracy depending on the political leanings of those doing the responding. More…

Police Violence and Solidarity
Doran Hunter

The discussion surrounding the recent spate of police killings has either been in terms of the Right’s view that each and every victim deserved to be executed on the spot or in terms of the Left’s view that the killings are solely an expression of white racism. The Rightwing view, as usual, is not worth discussing, at least to anyone with a few minutes to watch some YouTube videos. But is the liberal intelligentsia’s take any better? More…

It’s Still the Economy—Some Ways to Improve the U.S. Economic Outlook
Kirk G. Morrison

For those citizens interested in public policy as opposed to the latest accusations, scandals, and gaffes, improving the U.S. economy continues to be among the greatest concerns. What ideas and steps can make our commercial sphere grow – and not just for the short term, or with a few “winners” – but instead enlarge the pie for all, with a sustainable framework that can weather economic and political change and upheaval? More,,,

Be a Single Issue Voter
Louis Rose

Every election cycle I find myself reading a plethora of documentation on how Catholics are supposed to vote, that is, if they are going to vote in a suitably Catholic manner. This is a problem, and it is a problem, for any Catholic who wants his vote to match up with Catholic social teaching, because anyone making the attempt will quickly find that both the Democratic and Republican parties take positions that are diametrically opposed to that body of doctrine. More…

No Vote for the Seamless Shroud
Julia Smucker

Anyone motivated by the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, and/or the Consistent Life Ethic, should be used to a certain degree of political homelessness. Knowing the practical impossibility of being presented with any candidate for a major office who fully and consistently espouses such principles, it is often all we can do, in relation to the political process, to inch that process relatively closer to a more consistent respect for the dignity of all – young and old, rich and poor, born and unborn, citizen and foreigner, imprisoned and free, black and brown and white and so on. But now, with two major-party presidential nominees who cannot reasonably be described as “pro-life” or “pro-peace” in even the narrowest sense, we are faced with an unacceptable dilemma. More…

Pilgrim Eagle: A Review of Charles A. Coulombe’s "Puritan’s Empire"  
Avellina Balestri

Puritan’s Empire by Charles A. Coulombe is a unique tour-de-force of American history from a Catholic high traditionalist perspective. Spanning the colonial period to the modern day, the narrative is tightly-woven and comprehensively arranged. The sheer length and breadth of the volume is a testament to a lifetime’s worth of research. Although some sections are dry, the colorful anecdotes and personal analysis interspersed within the book keep the reader engaged, regardless of whether or not they agree with the author’s conclusions. More…

Camel’s Hair and Locusts

Are We Not Men?
Phil Ropp

Since the theme of last month's column concerned confession, and, as we Catholics have long been told, confession is good for the soul, I thought I would continue in this vein. The first confession I have for you today is that I have been a long time, and somewhat closeted, fan of the 1980s band Devo. Referred to as Alternative/Indie Rock, American Punk, American Underground, Techno Pop, Electronic Progressive, and Robotic New Wave, Devo always seemed a band hard to define and difficult to categorize. More… 

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